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    Self-refrigeration effect of chassis cabinet
    Release Time:2019-3-29 15:54:57      Hit Count:1816

    There has been a problem in the case cabinet, that is, the heat dissipation of the case cabinet, the case cabinet can not timely heat dissipation, will lead to the equipment in the case cabinet can not work properly, high temperature is also a fatal injury of equipment action, the case cabinet plays a role in providing a stable environment for equipment work, for equipment after high-speed action, and in a long time operation. After that, a lot of heat will be generated, and the cabinet of the chassis is a closed shell, from which the internal temperature will be generated. Hoffman Cabinet Company has solved this problem most effectively. Self-refrigeration effect of chassis cabinet.

    So how can the cabinet of the chassis be closed to achieve the cooling effect? Deployment of sensitive IT equipment makes InRow RD in an ideal position to achieve refrigeration close to the heat source, thus preventing any hot air from re-entering the cycle. Its efficient design can achieve rapid installation, while its variable speed fan and capacity adjustment will significantly reduce operating costs. The RACS can solve the refrigeration problem caused by deploying high density load in non-IT environment. Modular system cooperates with APC NetShelter SX chassis and InRow refrigeration module, forcing air to flow through the refrigeration module, where air is cooled and then released again.

    We can not ignore other measures for heat dissipation from the cabinet of the chassis. Because if the heat is only a small part, then use a small part of the heat dissipation technology. This can effectively save the corresponding capacity, but also improve the overall performance of the chassis cabinet.

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